International Day Of The Dead Exhibit



When: September 27 th to November 8th

Where: Front of galleries and shops across Granville Island.

Hours: 10am - 7pm, Monday to Sunday

There are so many narratives about skulls because countless lives have and will become them. As different as we all are, we are the same in fundamental ways. This being the underlying theme of the International Day of the Dead Tour & Exhibit.

This exhibition is the first of its kind in the province of British Columbia.
We aim to engage the art community in the exploration of their own interpretation of death according to their distinct culture, traditions, beliefs and artistic voice.

The International Day of the Dead is honored to thank the Artisans Association Xasasti Yolistli and the documentary makers from the group Telemanita for sharing this video about the process and creation of clay pottery in Mexico. With us ,these organizations strive to promote the work of indigenous groups in Mexico and abroad.

Video, photo credits:
Xasasti Yolistli

We at SFU’s School for International Studies are excited to support this innovative project, which brings together a series of artistic traditions to produce truly original and beautiful works of art. These novel creations speak volumes about the ways that disparate cultural traditions mix in British Columbia to create new and powerful forms of expression."
~ Alexander Dawson, Director Professor of History, SFU

"Honouring your ancestors is a really big part of Haida Culture and identity- we honour our ancestors in many ways and many different forms. To be included with other diverse artists is a fantastic way to celebrate the gift we have called life, and to remember those before us."
~ Kwiaahwah Jones,curator of Bill Reid gallery.

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